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Laser Epilator

Laser Epilator

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Expensive laser treatment around the world. Why pay for something that you can do yourself. Amazing results with this laser epilator. How much time do you spend in the bathroom cleaning yourself? a lot right?? after you use this laser epilator you would save money and time while looking beautiful.Get yours now!!

Well it’s simple...

Babes worldwide are fed up with the current state of hair removal, period!

You know what we’re talking about…

The shaving, waxing, epilating, plucking… it goes on and on!!

…It’s just easy these days.

So what's IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

...It's kinda like laser, only BETTER!!

It works by sending different wavelengths of light down the hair generating heat which disables the cells responsible for hair growth.

It’s safe and effective for at home use and is a hell of a lot less painful than waxing!

The best bit??

You can customise the power level for your skin sensitivity, the area you’re working on and for how quickly you would like to see results.

To use our handset, it’s as simple as:

  1. Select power level.
  2. Press firmly against skin.
  3. Activate light!


Oh, and did we mention it's safe to use on your face, body & BRAZILIAN!?!

Need more info?


  1. product size135 x 55mm
  2. 5 levels of light intensity 
  3. Gentle, no nicks, painless
  4. Suitable for the underarms, legs, bikini line, face,body
  5. Safe and effective for all types of skin 
  6. 100-240v
  7. Pulse: 300.000pcs
  8. wavelength 475-1200
  9. Hair removal area 4J/cm
  10. Quartz laser head
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Features & details

  • 300,000 flashes: Can give a full body hair treatment for 10 people, suitable for legs, arms, armpits, bikini areas and facial hair removal for women and men. Underarm can be treated just in 1 minutes and half-leg can be treated in just 8 minutes!
  • High Quality & Safety: Latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is clinically tested for permanent hair reduce, provide the most effective depilation and minimal pain, give you a professional hair removal experience.
  • Convenient: the detachable power cable is easy to storage. This hair removal comes with a pair of safety goggles, between the paper box and the plastic case, safe and comfortable to use.
  • High Efficiency: 5 levels of pulse adjustable light energy settings allowing you to choose a different measure of cover area so that you can treated a leg or arm in just a few minutes and also make sure you get the best possible results.


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